Tuesday, April 24 / 01

Mr. And Mrs. Ken Milne
121 Fairwood Drive
Keswick, Ontario

On behalf of my wife and myself I am writing this letter of recommendation in regards to Joe Moniz, the owner of Christina Homes.

My wife and I are teachers here in York Region. We have been Georgina residents for about 12 years. We enjoy the quality of life here in Georgina and would not hesitate to recommend the area as a place to live.

About three years ago, we purchased a Christina Home. Mr. Moniz allowed us, at our request, a closing date that was 14 months after the date of purchase. We moved into our new home on the closing date we had set. There were no complications. Our home was built on time and was ready to be occupied.

Mr. Moniz and his staff have treated us respectfully since our first meeting. He and his staff have been very professional. In all of our dealings with Mr. Moniz, we have found him to be a man of integrity. He can be counted on to deliver as he says. He follows through with his commitments.

When our Christina Home was being built, I would often drive by on my way to work in the morning. Most often, Mr. Moniz was right on the site carefully inspecting all the work that was being completed. It was clear that he demanded and got the highest quality of workmanship from his team.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect regarding our dealings with Mr. Moniz and Christina Homes was the incredible after sales service. This was the case from the first day we took possession of our home. On moving day, I'd managed to put a couple of nasty scratches on the hardwood floor. I happened to mention it to Mr. Moniz. His response surprised me. He said, "Don't worry about it. I'll have someone fix it as soon as you get settled." He did. From the first day we moved in to our Christina Home, without exception and almost immediately, Mr. Moniz responded to every one of our concerns.

On one occasion, I had stopped by the Woodbine office on my way home from work to report that couple of light switches were not working. When I arrived home about five minutes later, Mr. Moniz was coming out of the house. He had already inspected the switches. He told me an electrician would be by within an hour to fix the problem. He was.

On another occasion, my wife noticed a small crack in a front window about six months after we had taken possession. She called Mr. Moniz and the next day it was fixed. I could cite a number of similar examples.

I'm not a handyman. On a couple of occasions, I called Mr. Moniz about some very minor problems, the kind of problems that a lot of people could easily fix on their own. Mr. Moniz was quick to fix the problem without making me feel like I was wasting his time.

About a year after we moved in, I asked Mr. Moniz when I should stop calling him if there's a problem with the house. I was wondering at what point any problems I might have with the house were no longer his concern. He simply smiled and said, "Call me if there's a problem."

Mr. Moniz always treated us like valued people. It was obvious he took pride in delivering a quality home to his purchasers. He was patient, kind, fair and honest. I would highly recommend that you give Christina Homes serious consideration if you are planning to purchase a home in the Georgina area.


Blair and Ken Milne

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